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What is the delivery time?

Delivery times.

For shipping times and costs per country / region see the question: "What are the shipping costs"

Music boxes in stock: Shipped within 2 days.

The music boxes in stock can be sent within 1 a 2 working days. (Except for music boxes that are in the classical music cafe 'Het Muzieklokaal').

Note: With engraving + max. 5 days extra delivery time.

Music boxes made to measure: approximately 6 weeks

On the product page of the music box is below the price in orange letters the expected delivery date mention. This is based on a processing time of approximately 6 weeks calculated from the day you ordered.

In most cases you will receive the box on the indicated date, but this is no guarantee! This can also be 1 or 2 days later, especially if it is engraved. (If due to busy times the delivery time exceeds 2 days, you will be informed about this)

If it is important that you receive the box on the date indicated, please indicate this at "add a comment" on the product page or leave one Order note back in the shopping cart (below the shipping address)

Pick up in Utrecht or Amersfoort (NL)

During checkout you can choose to send or pick up.

Pick up is possible by appointment only in Amersfoort (in the evenings and at the weekend) and in Utrecht (during the day during the week). Contact us in due time to make an appointment.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs per country / region

To see the shipping costs for your country you can also use the send calculator use in the shopping cart.

Picking up orders in Utrecht or Amersfoort is also possible. This is only possible by appointment!

The Netherlands.

7,50 € (PostNL Parcel service / Service point delivery) 1 working day

9,50 € (Evening delivery) 1 working day.

Europe (EU)

Belgium, Germany: Standard: 10 euro (2-3 days) Express: 15 euro (1-2 days)

Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom: Standard: 18 euro: 3-5 days. Express: 24 euros: 2-4 days.

Cyprus, Malta: Standard: 30 euro (3-5 days). Express: 69 euros (2-3 days)

Other EU countries: Standard: 24 euro (3-5 days) Express: 33 euro (2-3 days)

You can also use the shipping calculator in the shopping basket to calculate the shipping costs.

Europe (Non EU)

Andorra, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Vatican, Switzerland: Standard: 22 euro (3-5 working days) Express: 55 euro. (2-3 days)

Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Slovenia: Standard: 27 euro (3-5 working days) Express: 33 euro (2-3 days)

Other countries: Standard: 27 euros. (3-5 working days) Express: 55 euro (2-3 working days)

You can also use the shipping calculator in the shopping basket to calculate the shipping costs.


We ship worldwide with regular mail or UPS Express service.


Worldwide: 30 euros. (7-25 days depending on destination)


United States, Canada, Mexico: 45 euros. (2-3 working days)

China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand: 69 euros. (2-4 working days)

Other countries: 79 euro (2-4 working days)

You can also use the shipping calculator in the shopping basket to calculate the shipping costs.

Where else can you buy the music boxes?

You can find all (physical) sales points here

Are there music boxes currently in stock?

If you need something quickly:

The stock of music boxes that are immediately available can be found via the menu: Order> Directly available

These are the boxes that you can purchase through this webshop and pick up on location or have it sent. Possibly with an engraving (the delivery time is then + 5 days).

Other sales points

There are also a number of sales places in the Netherlands where you can buy the music boxes. They usually have a limited stock of mostly small music boxes. Click here for an overview of these sales spots.

Open Atelier in Utrecht

Scheduled on Sunday 24 November 2019. Visit the website in early November for more info.

I'm looking for a melody that does not appear in the webshop

The standard melody collection can be found in the audio playlists and in the drop down menu with each box.

For the complete lists of all other melodies that can be ordered, go to the Audio page and scroll all the way down. If the melody you are looking for is not listed, then I cannot order it for you either.

Can I have my own melody made?

If you have your own composition that you would like to have on mechanics, or a piece of music that does not yet exist on mechanics, then there are the following options:

Small mechanism made per piece

In Bangkok, Sorapong turns Turn Music Box into 'Custom Tunes' for small mechanics with 18 tones. This will cost you about 175 euro plus shipping and customs clearance costs. For all questions about this and more information visit website or the page about his work this website. It is then possible for Rob to make a sound box made of wood for this. (Update: Sorapong has stopped this temporarily! More info on his website)

Great mechanism for programming yourself

Another option is a 'make your own melody' set. If you are musically created you can make a melody yourself with the punching tongs and the accompanying paper strip. This mechanism has 30 tones and a very nice warm sound. It is manual, which means that you have to keep running for him to play. On this website the mechanism can be purchased separately as well as with a wooden sound box. Here for sale

Large print runs

The small mechanisms with a self-supplied melody can also be made in large quantities:

From 1000 pieces the price per hand mechanism is approximately 2,50 ex. VAT. plus 250 euro development costs and shipping costs (varies) Delivery time: approximately 8 weeks.

The minimum order is for windable mechanics (18 tones) 250 pieces and the price around 10 euro ex. VAT per item. Delivery time: 8 weeks.

(prices are only for the mechanics, without wooden sound box)

What is the difference between manual and wind-up?

The difference is that with a manual mechanism you have to keep turning on the lever to make the music sound. This lever is always on the side and is visible. Depending on the melody, it is silver-colored with a red ball or completely golden. A manual mechanism has 18 tones.

A wind-up mechanism plays on itself for a few minutes. You just have to wind it up, the further you wind up the longer it plays. The winding key is at the bottom of the box, out of sight. A windable mechanism is available in different versions. The smallest has 18 tones. Larger, more expensive mechanisms have 30,36,50 or even 72 tones.

What does 18 / 30 / 36 / 50 mean?

This indicates the number of tones that are on the mechanism. To be more precise; The mechanism has a comb with teeth that are tuned from high to low. There is also a rotating cylinder with pins, the position of these pins make the melody, and every time a peg touches a tooth, a tone sounds. The smallest and most sold mechanisms have 18 tones. (music box Lude, Celesta, Robin, Tamino) There are also larger mechanisms with 30, 36 (Tamino, Calandra) and 50 tones (Orpheus, from 675 euro). You can imagine that the more tones there are, the more beautiful it will sound because it is closer to the original. The mechanism also plays longer and contains a larger fragment of the original piece of music. The quality of the materials is better and therefore also the sound.

Questions about engraving

I do not yet know the text for engraving.

For example, if you want the box to be delivered quickly for a birth but you do not yet know the name and birth date, then you can best order the box (with engraving, enter: 'text will come later') due to delivery time / availability . As soon as you know the text for engraving, mail this to me. Then I can usually engrave it within a few days.

Can I have my own logo / image engraved?

Yes, that's possible. Keep in mind that the engraving is black / white. So if a logo / image is graphic then we can usually engrave it. When a good quality file is supplied in pdf, the price is 15, -. If the file still needs editing then 10-20 euro is added. Send the file by e-mail for a quote.

Can I have multiple surfaces engraved?

Yes, that's possible. First choose the area before the first engraving and fill in the desired text. After this an option for a second engraving for another plane appears. If you want a third engraving, please contact us.

Layout of text

We use the font 'Gabriola Regular' as standard. Subtle, elegant and with beautiful slim lines, perfect for engraving. (a different font is possible on request if it is in our 'font' collection)

The layout is provided by us by engraving. How this will look depends on the number of characters and the available surface. It is therefore possible that texts with long sentences are divided over multiple lines. If you would like to have an example of this in advance, let us know.


Contact Rob.

You usually receive a response within 2 days (also check your spam box)


Rob de Looff

Robin Wood Music Boxes

Europalaan 41
3526 KN Utrecht
The Netherlands

Call: + 31 (0) 6 11 30 38 99
Email: [Email protected]

The above address is also a pick-up location for Utrecht. Visit by appointment only.

The studio is located in the wood workshop of 'De Createur'.

Responses from recipients and buyers.

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Do you have a nice photo that I can share here, send it to Rob

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Latest reviews:

  • Music box Opwind. Cherry The Hague

    I bought the music box because we have known each other for 10 years. "You are my sunshine" is a bit of our song. My girlfriend thought it was a very nice gift and very original.

  • Music box Opwind. Maple from Utrecht (Schimmelplein)

    The music box is absolutely stunning! I have yet to gift it to the person I bought it for, but I received many compliments on how amazing it is! I cannot wait to gift it and see his reaction. It is somehow even better than I expected it to be, lovely box, design, engraving, and mechanism music. Perfect!

    Abriana W.
  • Music box Opwind. Es Amersfoort (Heiligenbergerweg)

    What a great fun music box.
    Very lovingly and professionally made and packed!
    Special final destination for this tree.

    Very grateful and happy that it all worked out in time for the birthday party!

    My mother, who turned 90, was very happy with it!

    Afterwards Rijs
  • Music box Opwind. Cherry The Hague

    Beautiful box, beautiful sound and robust winding mechanism.

  • Music box Utrecht

    Music box Lude manually

    What an incredibly beautiful and beautiful tangible memory of our city of Amsterdam where we were allowed to have our son and grow up. Even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you!

  • Music box Lude Opwind. Pear from Betuwe (Orchard Elst)

    My friend and I bought this music box for the birth of our nephew. We wanted to give something lasting and personal. This gift has certainly been successful. We are very satisfied with it (and so is Mum and Dad ;-)).

  • Music box Opwind. Maple Amersfoort (Heiligenbergerweg)

    Another beautiful box!

  • Music box wind up. Elm The Hague

    What a beautiful music box it has become! There is no better musical gift than a beautifully finished music box, with a meaningful song and a beautiful engraving. My friend was very touched when I gave it to him. Thank you very much!

  • Music box Utrecht

    Music box Lude manually

    Music box made from the maple tree from the Wilhelminapark where parents of our grandchild walk almost every “When I am on top of the Dom” name and date of birth of our grandson on it .. how moving you symbolically want it to be 🥰
    And also so expertly and beautifully made. Consultation about my wishes also went very well. Thanks

  • Music box Utrecht

    Music box Lude manually

    Amazingly beautiful music box .. Being able to put together exactly: My wife, her roots are in Leiden, her favorite song is Stairway to Heaven .. She is so happy with it .. ❤️

    Wendy B.
  • Music box Opwind. Chestnut from Zwolle (Potgietersingel)

    Thank you Rob for the super fast service, just before the holidays!
    Very nicely finished result, with an emotional value for the giver and the receiver 🙂
    Thank you!

    Brecht n.
  • Music box Manual. Maple Utrecht (Sonnenborgh)

    We are very happy with our beautiful refined music box.
    The wood comes from a tree that stood at our wedding location, the music is the lullaby song we sang for our son, and the image of the little wren refers to the snow-white winter day when our son was born. In addition, the engravings with names and dates that are important to us complete this tangible memory.

  • Music box of wood from Utrecht

    Music box Robin Elegante

    Beautiful box, with very beautiful engraving, made with love and craftsmanship.

  • Music box Lude Manual. Pear from Betuwe (Orchard in Elst)

    Awesome stall gift! With name & birth date baby very nicely engraved on front. Super satisfied with the result.

  • Music box Manual. Elm from Amsterdam (Beethovenstraat)

    Beautifully made box and the music sounds pure. A dear gift for our grandchild. Very happy with it.

  • Music box Manual. Maple Utrecht (Sonnenborgh)

    Beautiful gift. The story behind it not only makes it beautiful but also valuable. A reminder to remember in the form of a box. Thanks!

  • Music box Opwind. Maple from Leiden (Morsweg)

    Super nice box, beautiful sound, fast service, beautifully packaged, ideal to give as a gift but would prefer to keep it for yourself.

  • Music box Opwind. Ash from Amsterdam (Prinses Irenestraat)

    Gift received from my father. Very happy with it, nice box and good quality. made with a lot of passion.

  • Music box Opwind. Elm from 1776, Utrecht (Moreelse Park)

    Really super happy with this gift, nice to give and my wife really enjoyed receiving. Very friendly help and during the collection I saw with what passion it is made. So top!

    Hans H.
  • Music box Manual. Maple Utrecht (Sonnenborgh)

    Very nice!

    Marijke Eppink

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